About me

I discovered my passion for coaching when working for The Corporate Theatre, the Inspirational Leadership development organisation founded by my parents, Martin and Sue Best.

It was under my parents’ guidance that I developed the theory and practice of bringing the arts into business. In fact I quickly realised how vital the synergy between the two worlds has become. Corporations tend to stifle individuality – the arts can reconnect us to our humanity. Through a kind of play, meaningful, long lasting relationships are able to form; the pace of innovation quickens. Teams become empowered by leaders who have mastered the art of showing, not telling. There’s poetry in that.

Working with multinationals, I also draw on my many years’ experience as an EFL (English as a Foreign Language) coach. Exploiting theatre techniques and drama, I work with leaders to re-evaluate their relationship with how they communicate so that they can act with greater confidence, whichever language they are using. I have a deep empathy for speakers of all cultures and backgrounds who use English as a second language. In globalising businesses, this is almost everyone!

I recently became a certified Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coach. This process provides a transparent, efficient means for leadership development as determined by those who really matter – the stakeholders. Drawing together Marshall’s process and my background in the arts and humanities, I offer a unique and potent mix for guaranteed, measurable leadership growth.

Poetry, theatre, language and leadership – these are the passions that fuel my unique approach to Stakeholder Centered Coaching.