Recreating Leaders

Many leadership coaches point to their corporate experience as proof that they understand what it takes to lead in a global business. They may be right. 

However, I see my background in the arts and humanities as a distinct advantage. I bring a fresh perspective, free of assumptions about processes, structures and behaviours. I will show you how to see your world with new eyes too, and that growth is possible. My hundreds of hours of conversations with managers and executives have shown me this is possible.

Starting with language, I will challenge you to show me how you lead, without relying on the usual jargon. As corporations wrestle with the transition from industrial-, post industrial-, though to digital economies, they need creative thinkers at ease with the process of pulling down tired ways of speaking and seeing, at the same time as building new perspectives. This is how great art works. This is recreation. Anyone can do it.

So, while I may not have X number of years corporate experience, I am expert at beginning from a point of uncertainty. I can show you how being comfortable in this state can open up new, completely unforeseen opportunities for growth and perception, and that if you can achieve this, then you will come to own your vision. Do this and your leadership brand will be unmistakable.